Hyatt Residence Club Points Chart: What You Need to Know

Hyatt Residence Club Points Chart

With 16 resorts in amazing vacation spots, Hyatt Residence Club is known for delivering comfortable accommodations in great locations. Hyatt Residence Club, like many other timeshare programs, operates off of the point system. While there are similarities between their points and that of companies like DVC, exactly how these points work differs. Fortunately, we have you covered. Here’s what you need to know about the Hyatt Residence Club Points Chart.

The Hyatt Residence Club Charts

First, here’s a chart that breaks down the general point value of different suites found in Hyatt Resorts for certain time periods you can book for a stay. Keep in mind that this is a general overview of how the charts work and provides an example of how many points are needed for certain vacations.

Hyatt Residence Club Chart for Studio Suites

SeasonFull WeekThree Night WeekendTwo Nights Midweek

Hyatt Residence Club Chart for One-Bedroom Suites

SeasonFull WeekThree Night WeekendTwo Nights Midweek

Hyatt Residence Club Chart for Two-Bedroom Suites

SeasonFull WeekThree Nights WeekendTwo Nights Midweek

Hyatt Residence Club Chart for Three-Bedroom Suites

SeasonFull WeekThree Nights WeekendTwo Nights Midweek

How does the Hyatt Residence Club Points Chart Work?

The Hyatt Residence Club Points Chart breaks down how much different resorts are worth based on a series of factors. Hyatt has designated seasons that stretch for various periods of time depending on the resort. For some resorts, the diamond season would last during the winter months, whereas for others, the diamond season would be in the summer. Hyatt decides the seasons based on how popular different resorts are at certain times of the year. Think about what season you want to reserve a timeshare for if you want to stay at a specific resort. These seasons also help to determine how many points you will receive annually for your home resort if you plan to vacation somewhere else that year. Other factors that affect the resort’s cost include the suite reserved and how many days you plan to stay. 

Internal and External Exchange Options with Hyatt Residence Club Points

Hyatt Residence Club Key West, Beach House
Hyatt Residence Club, Key West Beach House

Hyatt owners are guaranteed their home resort as long as they reserve it six months to a year in advance. If you want to trade for another resort or time period with Hyatt, there are three usage periods to consider.

Home Resort Preference Period

Starting 12 months before your fixed week up until six months prior to check-in, Hyatt owners are guaranteed the right to reserve their fixed week unit at their home resort. Owners have the exclusive right to stay at their resort for their entire fixed week. However, owners can also stay there for increments of two, three, or even four days. If an owner decides not to stay for the entire fixed week, the unused points get converted into Club Use Period points. You don’t have to worry about those points going to waste just because you didn’t stay for the fixed week.

Club Use Period

Coconut Plantation
Hyatt Residence Club, Coconut Plantation

For the last six months before your fixed check-in date, you are no longer guaranteed the use of your fixed week at your home resort. This timeframe is where the Hyatt Residence Club Points Chart becomes extra helpful. During the Club Use Period, or CUP, you can make reservations at any other resort in the Hyatt network. The only limitation is that there must be openings and you have to have the right number of points. Keep your chart on hand so you can help track which resorts work for you. 

Limited Club Use Period

For the six months after your fixed check-in date, you can reserve at any Hyatt resort with availability. The main limitation is that you can only do this within 60 days of check-in. Because this period has stricter limitations on when you can reserve at a resort, it’s extra important that you check back with the Hyatt Residence Club Points Chart to see if the resort you want is a viable option during this period. Unfortunately, Hyatt Residence Club does not have an option for banking your points, so careful planning is extra important. You can also use your points with Interval International to travel to even more great resorts. If you still want to vacation but can’t use your points during the usage periods, II is a great alternative.

Get Started With Hyatt Residence Club

There’s a lot to love about Hyatt Residence Club. The program boasts an impressive list of resorts in locations like Texas, California, and even Puerto Rico. On top of being found in great locations, Hyatt’s resorts give you a sense of quiet intimacy to make your getaways as comfy as possible. If you want to know more about the great timeshares found with Hyatt Residence Club, be sure to check out our blog. If you have any questions about the Hyatt Residence Club Points chart or timeshares in general, feel free to give us a call at 1-800-410-8326 or email us at 

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