sell timeshare by owner

When you’re ready to sell your Westgate Resorts timeshare, Fidelity Real Estate is here for you. Our Licensed Real Estate Agents have been assisting owners for over 20 years to sell their Westgate timeshare. As Westgate Resorts Authorized Reseller, we provide full services to make the process of selling your Westgate timeshare as seamless and stress-free as possible.

We're With You

When you list your Westgate timeshare for sale with Fidelity, we will guide you step-by-step until it’s sold. Our Licensed Real Estate Agents are experts in the process and can help navigate the resale market.

Our Results

We facilitate millions of dollars of timeshare resale transactions each year and our consultants are proud of the reputation they’ve established for providing unrivaled service to Westgate owners.

We're Trusted

With over 20 years of bringing integrity and expertise to the industry, Fidelity is qualified to serve Westgate timeshare sellers. A+ Rating on the BBB and dedicated Member of ARDA.

What We Do For You

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How to Sell Your Westgate Timeshare

With No Upfront Fees!

Do you know what you own?

When you contact one of our Licensed Real Estate Agents for a free consultation, we can go over the details of your Westgate Resorts ownership. It’s important to know how the Westgate weeks you own, which resort you own at, and the usage type. Don’t fret! Our experts can help gather all of this information if you’re not sure.

Listing your Westgate timeshare for sale

We never require upfront fees to sell your Westgate timeshare. Our experts will create a listing to promote your ownership for sale, with the most current resale market trends.

How much should I sell my Westgate timeshare for?

This is completely up to you. Your Westgate Resorts expert at Fidelity Real Estate can help determine its market value based on resale trends. Keep in mind, timeshares do not hold value. A realistic approach is best for selling your Westgate timeshare, as you will likely not get back what you originally paid for.

Receive offers and negotiate the terms of sale

Once we get an offer on your Westgate vacation ownership for sale, we can go over the details and negotiate the terms. You will never need to communicate with the buyer directly.

Write and sign contracts

After the terms of sale are finalized between you and the buyer, we will write the contracts and collect signatures. This is done conveniently and securely through our e-signature platform.

Navigate the Right of First Refusal

The Right of First Refusal (ROFR) is a clause in every timeshare contract. It means that your developer has the right to step in as the buyer and buy your Westgate weeks back if they accept all the terms of sale. If the developer waives the ROFR, the sale continues between the original parties.

Coordinate with the title insurance company

After the ROFR is waived, we can recommend a reputable title company to finalize the documents and transfer ownership. Additionally, the title insurance company holds funds in escrow and distributes them once the sale is complete.

Enjoy freedom from your timeshare!

sell timeshare by owner

Ready to Sell Your Westgate Timeshare?

Fidelity Real Estate is a full-service resale brokerage that is here to help you sell your Westgate vacation ownership. Our licensed resale experts can give you a free consultation and get you started with NO upfront fees, ever.

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