Are Timeshares A Good Investment?

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Are you wondering if timeshares are a good investment? If so, the concept of “good investment” boils down to personal vacation wants, needs, and desires. But before hopping on the timeshare purchase bandwagon, it’s vital to understand that timeshares are not considered investment properties. Unlike a house, timeshares typically decrease in value over time. Fortunately, timeshare resorts often offer numerous exciting amenities and accommodations that make timeshare ownership a vacation life changer. If you’re a frequent traveler and want to know if timeshares are worth considering, then continue reading to learn more about why timeshares are worth it.

What Is A Timeshare and How Does It Work?

Before we dive into the positives of timeshare ownership and if timeshares are a “good investment,” let’s discuss what a timeshare is and how it works!

Timeshares are properties with divided ownership and use rights. Each owner is entitled to a specific period each year at the timeshare property, hence the word “time-share.” Owning a timeshare helps to promote annual guaranteed vacations. With points, owners can choose the vacation home’s date, location, and resort.

When you sign the dotted line of the timeshare agreement, you are now considered a vacation property owner and have unlimited vacation opportunities. It is imperative to note that how a timeshare works depends on the type of ownership contract you signed. Up next, let’s discuss timeshares in the realm of investments.

Why Aren’t Timeshare Considered An Investment?

It’s difficult to discuss whether timeshares are good investments because they are not actually financial investments. Unlike houses, timeshares don’t increase in value overtime, so they are considered liquid assets. Because a timeshare value decreases over time like a car, it is not an investment property that you could make money.

In terms of investment, timeshares do not fall into the category of financial investments. However, timeshares can be considered investments in the pursuit of happiness and making everlasting memories in remarkable resorts in sought-after destinations. There are numerous timeshare types to choose from offering flexibility and affordability.

Let’s discuss some of the timeshare ownership types available for your vacation needs.

Types of Timeshares Ownerships

When deciding if a timeshare is a good investment, it’s vital to acknowledge the different types of timeshare ownership. Owners can choose between numerous timeshare types depending on the timeshare company. Regardless of your vacation style, timeshare owners can select the contract type that works best for their wants and needs, making timeshare ownership a good investment in terms of flexibility.

A Deeded Timeshare

A deeded timeshare allows folks to purchase a fraction of a vacation property through a deed. Owners get a deed for their week and own it. This slice of real estate has the same ownership rights as actual real estate and is shared with several other timeshare owners. Deeded timeshare owners can sell, rent, and gift their timeshare.

Right-To-Use Timeshare

This type of ownership does not come with a deed; however, it does come with a contract that states the timeshare agreements and how long the owner has the right to use them. These right-to-use leases are typically 30-99 years, and owners can sell their ownership on the resale market.

Leasehold Timeshare

A leasehold timeshare does not last in perpetuity, and it has a specific expiration date. As with other timeshares, they have the same benefits and rights. One of the most prominent leasehold timeshare companies is Disney Vacation Club. 

Different Types of Timeshare Sub-Types

Along with the different types of timeshare ownership, there are also numerous sub-types to consider when determining if timeshares are a good investment in terms of flexibility. As a result, the above categories are what you own, while the below sub-types are what you own within those timeshares as well as other terms related to their use frequency. DVC, for example, is both a leasehold and a points-based timeshare.

Points-Based Timeshare

The most popular timeshare type is points-based timeshare. Timeshare owners purchase a timeshare in the form of points at their home resort. Timeshare points can be used at the owner’s home resort or exchanged at a different resort within the brand’s network. Every year, owners are allotted a certain number of points which can be utilized however they like.

Let’s look at the Disney Vacation Club. If you own lots of points, you can utilize them all for a weekend in a large unit. Or you could stay in a smaller unit for one week or even two weeks, depending on how many points you have.

Floating Week Timeshare

Enjoy flexibility with a floating week timeshare. A timeshare owner can choose the week they want to stay at the resort within a certain period or season. When an owner purchases a floating week timeshare during the summer season, they can visit their unit during any available week. To put this into perspective, floating timeshares give more flexibility than fixed weeks but not as much as point-based timeshares.

Fixed Week Timeshare

Traditionally owned timeshares, or fixed week timeshares, grant owners access to your property during the same week every year. You will have usage rights, usually for one week, at the resort. The rest of the year other owners use it. Timeshare weeks are great if you plan to travel for a specific week each year. In addition, this one-week timeshare ownership helps you create a yearly vacation tradition.

Which Timeshare Type Works Best For You?

Get the inside scoop by reading this blog!

Now that we’ve discussed some of the types of timeshares let’s dive into the benefits of owning a timeshare. This will help you determine why timeshares can be a “worthwhile investment.”

Why Timeshares are a Good Investment for Enhancing Your Vacation Experience

The benefits of purchasing a timeshare will help guarantee that your annual vacations will be memorable and enjoyable. Luxury, comfort, and stunning vacation spots in some of the most sought-after destinations are just a few of the major timeshare benefits.

Are Timeshares A Good Investment Into Happiness? Yes: Superior Vacation Spots

With a timeshare, owners are guaranteed a vacation spot every year! Whether it’s located near the beautiful white sands of Myrtle Beach, the tropical oasis of Maui, Hawaii, or within the elegant sugar-capped mountain slopes of Breckenridge, Colorado, there’s a spectacular vacation spot for everyone! And, with a timeshare, you can make these trips an annual tradition or switch them out for a different location.

Regardless of the timeshare location, you are guaranteed ultimate comfort and relaxation in spacious accommodations.

Are Timeshares A Good Investment Into Happiness? Yes: Spacious Accommodations

Unlike hotel rooms, timeshare properties like villas and suites are luxurious and spacious. Most accommodations feature at-home amenities like full kitchens, as well as living and dining spaces. Although timeshare units vary from resort to resort, some properties include private porches or balconies with glorious views.

Along with luxurious and spacious accommodations, timeshare resorts tend to feature top-notch amenities for everyone in the family to enjoy!

Are Timeshares A Good Investment Into Happiness? Yes: State-of-the-art Amenities

Timeshares tend to have a plethora of state-of-the-art amenities like swimming pools, fully-equipped fitness centers, full-service spas, and more. Guests can take their vacation experiences to the next level and enjoy fun services within the resort without having to leave the property.

Some resorts may include sports courts, soothing hot tubs, miniature golf courses, on-site eateries, children’s activities, and even water parks! There’s so much excitement awaiting at numerous timeshare locations!

Now that you’ve learned some of the benefits of timeshares and how they can enhance your vacation experiences, it’s vital to purchase timeshares from credible and trustworthy sites. You may be thinking, what do we mean by this? The short answer is that the web is home to lots of dark sites, including timeshare scam sites. So, it’s essential to take note of what to look out for when coming across a timeshare page.

How to Avoid Timeshare Scams

Timeshare scams aren’t a surprise to anyone, and they happen more often than not. Here are some tips to help detect scam timeshare companies.

  • Be skeptical of anyone who promises to sell your timeshare fast and for a great price
  • Ignore high-pressure sales
  • Don’t use a timeshare company that expects outrageous upfront costs or luxury taxes
  • Don’t accept unsolicited phone calls from non-legitimate buyers
  • Timeshare contract cancellation or timeshare exit lawyers don’t exist

Want to Learn More About Timeshare Scams?

Find out how to stay safe when buying a timeshare resale.

Once you’ve confirmed that you’d like to invest in a timeshare resale for superb vacation experiences, you can search for timeshares on credible sites like Fidelity Real Estate. Fidelity Real Estate is a proud Recommended Timeshare Reseller for superior companies like Disney Vacation Club and Hilton Grand Vacations.

Timeshare Companies To Invest Your Happiness In

Once you’re ready to hop on the vacation ownership bandwagon, there are plenty of note-worthy timeshare companies to purchase timeshares from. Each timeshare company offers a variety of accommodation sizes with spectacular amenities that are suitable for almost anyone. Fidelity Real Estate has timeshares for sale on their marketplace from the following developers and more:

Do any of these world-famous brands catch your eye? If so, you may want to consider a timeshare purchase with the secondary market!

So, Are Timeshares A Good Investment?

The timeshare industry is an ever-growing industry with numerous opportunities to make everlasting memories with friends and family. Many timeshare owners find timeshares worth it due to their stunning array of amenities and spacious accommodations. So, why vacation in a cramped hotel room when you can vacation like royalty in comforting villas featuring every day at-home necessities?

As previously mentioned, purchasing a timeshare is not a financial investment but rather a way to own a vacation home that you can visit during certain times of the year every year, creating long-lasting memories. Although a timeshare is not a typical investment property, it can be of value in terms of your happiness and well-being.

Buy A Timeshare Resale With Fidelity Real Estate

So, are you ready to invest in everlasting memory-making getaways that’ll enrich your vacation experience? If the answer is yes, then Fidelity Real Estate has you covered! Buying a timeshare with Fidelity Real Estate will guarantee a smooth transaction process from start to finish. Your satisfaction is our priority!


As a secondary market agency, we offer a wide selection of timeshare resales from top brands in some of the most sought-after vacation destinations. If you want to save money, consider buying a timeshare resale. Thus, you can enjoy incredible vacations, luxurious accommodations, and priority booking while saving money. While resales have maintenance fees, you will be less likely to have to take out a large loan for your initial purchase. This will save you money now and later.

At Fidelity Real Estate, we help owners list their timeshares for sale and market them to prospective buyers at no upfront cost. With hundreds of listings from nearly every brand, there is sure to be a resale listing that suits your vacation needs. To get started, browse our timeshare resale marketplace. If you have questions or need assistance, we’re happy to assist! Please give us a call at 1-800-410 8326 or Our timeshare salespeople are happy to help!

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