Hilton Timeshare Cost: 2022 Hilton Grand Vacations Club Fees & Dues

hilton timeshare cost

Hilton Grand Vacations Club is one of the best vacation clubs to join, so if you’re considering buying HGVC points, you should also take into consideration the annual fees and dues. Besides the initial cost of Hilton timeshares, every owner must pay certain fees and dues for annual maintenance, resort reservations, club activation, and more. Hilton timeshare resale owners are also responsible for keeping up with the annual costs of their ownership. Take a look at 2022 Hilton Grand Vacations Club fees and dues effective as of April 4th.

2022 HGVC Fees and Club Dues

Hilton Grand Vacations Club members must pay annual club dues each year in order to maintain their club membership.

Annual Club Dues—Domestic$193
Annual Club Dues—International$227

Activation Fees

Activation fees are a part of Hilton timeshare costs when you purchase your HGVC points, either directly from Hilton or the resale market.

Purchased through HRC or Affiliates$392
Ownership Change Fee$450
Activation Fee Voluntary (1 Interval)$399

Resale Related HGVC Fees

If you purchase a Hilton timeshare on the resale market, there are certain fees that are required in order to move forward with the sale. To verify ownership, we request a points activity statement from HGVC, which also has fees associated.

Estoppel Fee$85
Resale Value Comparison Letter$29
Points Activity Statement (2-5 Years)$59
Points Activity Statement (5+ Years)$109

Home Week and Home Resort Reservations Fees

For making reservations at your home resort or home week, the fees below will apply.

Home WeekComplimentary
Home Resort Priority, by Hilton Club Priority or Club (Changeable)—Phone/Online$99/$59

HGVC Elite Member Fee Schedule

Hilton Grand Vacations Club “Elite” members receive special privileges in three tiers, determined by the number of Qualifying ClubPoints owned from this list of qualifying resorts.  Elite, Elite Plus, and Elite Premier Members have their own fee schedule:

Elite—Club or Home Resort using Club Points—Phone/Online$99/$49
Elite Plus—Club or Home Resort using Club Points—Phone/Online$99/$39
Elite Premier—Club or Home Resort using Club Points—Phone/OnlineComplimentary
Club Reservations using Bonus Points—Phone/Online$109/$79
Elite—Club or Home Resort using Bonus Points—Phone/Online$109/$69
Elite Plus—Club or Home Resort using Bonus Points—Phone/Online$109/$59
Elite Premier—Club or Home Resort using Bonus Points—Phone/OnlineComplimentary

Club Partner Perks and Transaction fees

These fees apply when booking a service through Club Partner Perks.

ClubPartner Perk Transaction—Phone$139
Elite Premier—Partner Perk TransactionComplimentary

Point Stretching Transaction Fees

Fortunately, point stretching allows HGVC members to take advantage of unused club points by converting them to Hilton Honors points or depositing them toward the club point allotment of a future year (also called “banking.”) Club members can also borrow points from a future year at no charge.

Hilton Honors Conversion Fees

Hilton Honors Conversion—Club or Bonus Points—Phone/Online$154/$144
Elite—Hilton Honors Conversion—Club or Bonus Points—Phone/Online$154/$144
Elite Plus—Hilton Honors Conversion—Club or Bonus Points—Phone/Online$154/$124
Elite Premier—Hilton Honors Conversion—Club or Bonus Points—Phone/OnlineComplimentary

Save Points Deposit

Unused HGVC points can be deposited for use in the following year. In 2022, the cost to deposit and save your points can vary based on the month or season.

January-August Save Points Deposit Fees

Save Points—Phone/Online$114/$104
Elite—Save Points—Phone/Online$114/$104
Elite Plus—Save Points—Phone/Online$114/$84
Elite Premier—Save Points—Phone/OnlineComplimentary

September-November Save Points Deposit Fees

Save Points—Phone/Online$134/$124
Elite—Save Points—Phone/Online$134/$124
Elite Plus—Save Points—Phone/Online$134/$104
Elite Premier—Save Points—Phone/OnlineComplimentary

December Save Points Deposit Fees

Save Points—Phone/Online$199/$189
Elite—Save Points—Phone/Online$199/$189
Elite Plus—Save Points—Phone/Online$199/$169
Elite Premier—Save Points—Phone/OnlineComplimentary

RCI Points Deposit Fees

If you have an RCI Points membership alongside your HGVC ownership, you can save points by depositing them onto RCI’s exchange platform. RCI Points membership also allows members to bank or borrow points when they exchange.

RCI Deposit—Phone/Online$154/$144
Elite—RCI Deposit—Phone/Online$154/$144
Elite Plus—RCI Deposit—Phone/Online$154/$124
Elite Premier—RCI Deposit—Phone/OnlineComplimentary
Extending RCI Deposited—by phone only$139

Guest Certificates Fees

Did you know you can use your HGVC Points to book a stay for someone else? Restrictions and reservation fees apply.

Home Week Guest Certificate—Phone/OnlineComplimentary
Guest Certificate—Phone/Online$79/$59
Open Season CashNot Available

RCI Exchange Fees

One of the greatest benefits of the Hilton Grand Vacations Club program is the ability to exchange club points for a stay at a non-Hilton resort via the RCI network. Fees associated with this exchange are listed below but note that reservations made via phone incur an additional service charge (usually no more than $10). Additional housekeeping fees may also be applied by the resort. These fees remain the same as 2021 and did not increase for 2022.

RCI Weekly Reservations on a per reservation basis$249
RCI Nightly Reservations
1 Night$59
2 Nights$79
3 Nights$109
4 Nights$139
5 Nights$179
6 Nights$199
7 Nights$249
RCI Guest Certificate$89

Cancellation Protection

For protection in case you need to cancel your booked vacation and don’t want to lose points, Cancellation Protection can be purchased for $79.

So, How Much Does a Hilton Timeshare Cost?

Depending on where you purchase your Hilton timeshare, the cost can vary from resort, location, unit type, season, or week you purchase. It can cost thousands of dollars to purchase a Hilton timeshare directly from Hilton. However, Hilton timeshare resales can also be a great way to save money and try out the timeshare vacation lifestyle! Or, you can peruse the resale market to add points to your existing ownership for less.

Previous HGVC Fee Schedules:

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