HGV Max: Introducing A New Hilton Grand Vacations Program


Hilton Grand Vacations is now offering a new program to expand vacation opportunities for owners. HGV Max allows Hilton timeshare owners to access more benefits than ever before. This program is the biggest membership expansion that Hilton has ever offered. In this blog, we will discuss what HGV Max is, what the program’s benefits are, and if you should join. Whether you are a current HGVC owner, are ready to buy a Hilton timeshare, or just want to learn more, then keep reading!

About Hilton Grand Vacations


Hilton Grand Vacations is a timeshare vacation club that prides itself on its world-class hospitality and member benefits. Hilton’s modern points-based timeshare system allows owners to travel the globe easily. Owners can choose to use their points to stay at any of the 55+ HGVC locations around the world. Plus, now that Hilton has acquired Diamond Resorts, members of the new HGV Max program will have access to even more properties. Hilton timeshare owners will experience incredible amenities and modern accommodations at all of these resorts. Hilton Grand Vacations is celebrating 30 years in the timeshare business by enhancing HGVC owners’ vacation possibilities.

What Is Hilton’s HGV Max Program?

HGV Max is a new membership program that will benefit Hilton Grand Vacations owners like never before. As previously mentioned, HGV Max members will have access to every resort within the Hilton Grand Vacations catalog. This includes all of the HGVC resorts, as well as every Diamond Resorts property. To access every resort under Hilton’s umbrella, including Diamond Resorts, owners must be HGV Max members.

“As we celebrate our 30th anniversary and this exciting next chapter, we’re thrilled to launch our new membership program, HGV Max, which offers enhanced and elevated benefits to members. In addition, HGV Ultimate Access is reimagining the future of travel with exclusive access to exciting shows, beloved entertainers and experiential offerings.”

Mark Wang, President and CEO of Hilton Grand Vacations

Of course, access to new resorts is one of the biggest benefits of Hilton’s new HGV Max program. Other member benefits include exclusive events, discounts, and guest certificates. HGV Ultimate Access events include concerts from top recording artists, dinners prepared by world-class chefs, and more. Exclusive member discounts include 10% off the rack rate for reservations at Hilton hotels. Guest certificates are how Hilton timeshare owners can share their reservations with friends and family. HGV Max members will receive complimentary certificates based on their membership tier.

HGV Max Membership Tiers

There are six tiers within the HGV Max program and each comes with its own set of benefits. The more points you have, the more extras you will gain access to. Of course, no matter how many points they own, every member will get all of the perks of being an HGV Max member. The six tiers are Member, Preferred, Preferred+, Premier, Premier+, and Centum+.

How To Become An HGV Max Member

So, are you interested in all the benefits of being an HGV Max member? If yes, here is what you need to know about how to join. In order to become a member, you must purchase a new timeshare directly from Hilton after HGV Max’s launch. This timeshare must be bought from an authorized sales center and must be purchased after the new program’s launch. You will then automatically receive all of the program’s benefits. Current Hilton timeshare owners can also purchase another timeshare interest from an authorized sales center to upgrade to HGV Max. Alternatively, current HGVC owners can pay an initiation fee to upgrade their membership and become HGV Max members. The initiation fee is currently $7,000 on Hilton’s website. The current HGV Max Club Dues are $281 annually, which is almost $90 more than HGV’s current Club Dues.

Unfortunately, if you purchase a Hilton timeshare on the resale market, you are not eligible at this time to join the HGV Max program.

Should I Join HGV Max?


So, is joining HGV Max worth it for current owners? Well, if you want to expand your options for resorts and want access to all of the exclusive benefits, then maybe the answer is yes. If you’re willing to pay to get those extras and want to enhance your current ownership, upgrading to HGV Max might be right for you.

However, you will not be penalized if you don’t want to pay to upgrade. You will still be able to book trips to all of the HGVC resorts and experience all of the benefits you currently have as an owner. Think of HGV Max as an optional upgrade to being a Hilton timeshare owner.

Something that may deter you from joining the new program is that even though you will have access to Diamond resorts, there is an extremely short booking window. Members can only book stays at Diamond resorts starting 6 months out. Since existing Diamond members will have access to booking way before then, many of the highly-desired weeks will already be booked.

If you just want to have more resorts to pick from, then there are ways to do that without joining HGV Max. Hilton members can join RCI, the largest exchange network in the world. With RCI, members can trade their Hilton points for a stay at any resort within RCI’s catalog. Their catalog offers thousands of resorts, including all of Diamond’s properties.

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