DVC Blue Membership Card Benefits Now Require Minimum 150 Point Purchase

dvc blue membership card minimums

Effective beginning June 3, 2021, Disney Vacation Club has raised the minimum point requirement to 150 points in order for members to obtain a blue membership card. You must buy points directly from DVC in order to be eligible. Owners use their DVC blue membership card for things like dining and shopping discounts, access to annual pass discounts, as well as access to booking Disney Cruise Line using DVC points.

What is a DVC Blue Membership Card?

You will receive a blue membership card once you accumulate or purchase a minimum of 150 points directly from DVC. The membership card grants discounts on shopping and dining, access to annual pass discounts, as well as booking access to the Disney Cruise Line using DVC points. Obtaining a blue membership card is great for DVC owners looking to make the most of their ownership.

List of Blue Membership Card Benefits

  • Dining discounts (table service dining, primarily)
  • Shopping discounts
  • Annual pass discounts (currently suspended)
  • Moonlight Magic events
  • Using points for Disney cruise line reservations
  • Member’s Lounge at Epcot
  • Events and experiences (such as bike rentals and lu’aus)

Keep in mind that these perks and benefits are subject to change and are not promised with your DVC ownership.

Why the Point Minimums?

Disney Vacation Club began implementing a 25-point minimum for blue membership cards in 2016. Before then, any number of points would grant owners a Blue Membership card. In 2018, DVC raised the minimum to 75 points, and in October 2020, this minimum was raised again to 125 points.

DVC resales are ever-growing in popularity because of the savings and convenience. Buyers can save thousands of dollars on DVC points from the resale market, and receive many of the same benefits. In order to keep direct DVC point purchases competitive, these restrictions encourage buyers to buy directly from DVC rather than resale.

If missing out on some of the DVC blue membership card perks seems like a loss, you may consider making the 150-point minimum purchase to enjoy all of these. However, you can still purchase DVC resale points and enjoy your ownership without a blue membership card.

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Buying DVC Resale Vs. Direct

While this announcement by DVC may deter some new buyers from purchasing points on the resale market, the savings from DVC resale points are likely to still attract many new owners. Not to mention, many resale buyers who have already purchased points directly from DVC look to the resale market to add to their ownership. Furthermore, if you already have a blue membership card that you obtained before DVC’s announcement, worry not! Your perks and benefits will still be available to you.

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