Hilton Timeshare Maintenance Fees: Know Before You Own

Hilton Timeshare Maintenance Fees- Know Before You Own

As one of the best timeshare companies, Hilton Grand Vacations Club is super sought-after for people looking to buy a timeshare. You should carefully consider the annual fees and dues of Hilton Grand Vacations Club when thinking about buying HGVC points. Every Hilton timeshare owner is required to pay annual maintenance fees, resort reservations, and club dues in addition to the initial purchase price. Owners of Hilton timeshare resales are also responsible for maintaining their ownership costs. Without further ado, let’s take a look at Hilton Grand Vacations Club 2023 fees.

What Are Hilton Maintenance Fees?

Maintenance fees at any timeshare are a crucial part of keeping the timeshares in tip-top condition. In addition, Hilton maintenance fees go towards employee wages, upkeep, property taxes, utilities, and upgrading resort units and amenities. In addition to maintenance fees, there are some additional fees to keep in mind, let’s take a look.

2023 HGVC Fees and Club Dues

In order to maintain their club membership, yearly Hilton Grand Vacations Club members must pay annual club dues. Let’s take a look at some of the Hilton timeshare costs.

Club Members – Domestic / International$199 / $234
Inclusive Club Dues – US & Canada / International$336 / $363
HGV Max Members$281

Activation Fees

No matter if you buy directly from Hilton or on the resale market, activation fees are a part of Hilton timeshare costs when you first buy HGVC points.

Enrollment / Activation Fee$655
Ownership Change Fee$460
Activation Fee Voluntary (1 Interval)$399

Hilton timeshare maintenance fees can be expensive, so buying on the timeshare resale market can help you save some money. Purchasing a Hilton timeshare on the resale market requires certain fees in order to complete the transaction. As part of the ownership verification process, we request HGVC to provide a points activity statement, which carries a fee.

Estoppel Fee$89
Resale Value Comparison Letter$29
Points Activity Statement (2-5 Years)$59
Points Activity Statement (5+ years)$109

Home Week and Home Resort Reservations Fees

The fees below apply when making reservations at your home resort or home week.

Home WeekComplimentary
Home Resort Priority, by Hilton Club Priority or Club (Changeable)—Phone/Online$119 / $59
Club or Home Resort using Bonus Points – Phone / Online$119 / $79
Club Partner Perks – Phone / Online$149

Point Stretching Transaction Fees

HGVC members are able to take advantage of unused club points by converting them into Hilton Honors points or depositing them towards the next year’s club point allotment (also known as “banking”). A future year’s point allocation is also available for free to club members. If you have unused HGVC points, you can deposit them and use them the next year. A member of RCI Points with HGVC ownership can deposit points onto RCI’s exchange platform to save points. Similarly, when RCI Points members exchange, they can bank or borrow points. This is an important fee to be aware of, in addition to your Hilton timeshare maintenance fees.

Hilton Honors Conversion – Phone / Online$169 / $154
Saved Points Deposit (Jan – Aug) – Phone / Online$129 / $109
Saved Points Deposit (Sep – Nov) – Phone / Online$149 / $129
Saved Points Deposit (Dec) – Phone / Online$219 / $199
Cancellation Protection – Phone / Online$89
RCI Deposit – Phone / Online$169 / $154
Extending RCI Deposited Points$159

Guest Certificates Fees

You can also use your HGVC Points to book a stay for a guest. Below you can see the restrictions and fees for guest certificate fees.

Home WeekComplimentary
Home Resort Priority, Hilton Club Priority or Club Reservations – Phone / Online$89 / $64
Open Season CashNot Available

RCI Exchange Fees

On top of your Hilton timeshare maintenance fees, if you are a member of RCI, there are some fees that come into play when you exchange for a stay at a non-Hilton resort via the RCI network. Please note that reservations made via phone incur a service charge (usually no more than $10) in addition to the exchange fees listed below. In addition, there may be some additional housekeeping fees applied by the resort.

RCI Weekly Reservations on a per-reservation basis$279
1 Night$59
2 Night$79
3 Night$109
4 Night$159
5 Night$199
6 Night$219
7 Night$279
RCI Guest Certificate$89

So, How Much Does a Hilton Timeshare Maintenance Fees Cost?

Buying Hilton timeshares can vary in cost depending on resorts, locations, unit types, seasons, and weeks. Similarly, costs for Hilton timeshare maintenance fees change based on the resort, unit type, and season instead of by the Hilton Grand Vacations ClubPoints associated with the ownership. During peak seasons, a 1-Bedroom Penthouse may be worth more ClubPoints, but its maintenance fees may be lower than an off-season 3-Bedroom. At the end of the day, it could cost thousands of dollars to initially buy a Hilton timeshare directly from Hilton. If you want to save money, purchasing on the resale market is a great way to get started or add to your existing ownership for less.

Contact Fidelity to Buy a Hilton Timeshare

If you want more information about Hilton Grand Vacation Club or want to buy a Hilton timeshare, we are here to help. We can answer any questions or concerns about the details of ownership. Give us a call now at 1-800-410-8326 or email us at team@fidelityresales.com.

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