What is Hilton Honors and How Does it Work?

hilton honors

Hilton Honors is a loyalty rewards program offered by the world-famous timeshare and hospitality brand, Hilton. Anyone can join Hilton HHonors and start redeeming rewards immediately. Simply join the club, book vacations, travel and get rewarded. Plus, if you own a Hilton timeshare, you can use Hilton HHonors to experience even more benefits of vacation ownership. There are multiple Hilton Honors levels and benefits that come with each tier. As you book stays, you redeem more points and achieve new membership levels.

What is Hilton Honors?

Similar to other loyalty travel programs, Hilton Honors (HH) allows members to gain exclusive benefits and free stays at branded properties. What’s more, this points-based rewards program lets users redeem the points they earn for vacations and more. All you have to do is log in to your account and book through there to start racking up points toward free stays.

Hilton Honors

Hilton Worldwide is the parent company of all Hilton brands, including Hilton Grand Vacations Club timeshares. As of 2021, the companies portfolio includes over 6,000 properties across 18 brands. Undoubtedly, Hilton has become a household name. If you already enjoy traveling with Hilton, Hilton Honors may be the perfect addition to your travel lifestyle.

Many savvy travelers find that loyalty programs are a great way to take advantage of saving money while traveling more. With an impressive 82 million members in the club, you’ll find the perks are equally impressive. The benefits of Hilton Honors add to the many reasons we believe that buying a Hilton timeshare is worth it!

Is Joining Hilton Honors Free?

Hilton Honors is free for anyone to join at the Blue Member level. Upon signing up, you’ll begin receiving points when you book using your HH account as a Blue Member. The cost is the money you spend to book your stays, but you do get points back to use toward your next stay.

Did you know you can pool your points with up to 11 other members? This allows you and your loved ones to take even better vacations.

Hilton Honors Levels and Benefits of Membership

There are four tiers to this club, ranging from Blue Member to Diamond. Upon joining, you will automatically become a Blue Member. As a Blue Member, you’ll automatically receive free wifi, digital check-in capabilities, points towards free nights and lower booking prices. Below is each Hilton Honors level and benefits of membership at every tier.

HHonors BenefitsMember
0-4 nights
5+ nights
20+ nights
30+ nights
Hilton Honors Discount rate
Points toward free nights
No resort fees on reward stays
Digital Check-in
Your room choice
Digital Key
Free Wifi
Exclusive HHonors Experiences
20% points earning bonus on stays
Free bottled water
Fifth nights free
Elite rollover nights
80% points earning bonus on stays
Space-available room upgrades
Daily food & beverage credit or Continental breakfast
Milestone bonuses
100% points earning bonus on stays
Room upgrades
Lounge access
Diamond status extension
Premium Wifi
48-hour room guarantee
Elite status gifting

Hilton HHonors Blue Member Benefits

This is the base level of the program, where everyone starts when they sign up. Blue Members get late checkout when available, a free second guest, and express checkout. With each dollar spent including room charges, Hilton Honors Blue Members receive 10 base points.

Hilton HHonors Silver Member Benefits

HH members who stay five nights, two times, or 12,500 base points are eligible for the Silver tier. Since it is a tiered program, you’ll still get all of the Blue level benefits plus a few more. As a Silver HHonors member, you will receive a 20% bonus on all points you earn, free fitness center access, every fifth night free when redeeming points, and two complimentary bottles of water each trip. Silver members also receive 12 points for every dollar spent on their stay.

Gold HHonors Level Benefits

Gold Hilton Honors members receive 18 points per dollar spent on stays. To reach the Gold tier of Hilton Honors levels and benefits, you must stay 20 nights, 10 stays, or have 37,500 base points. You can also achieve Gold member status by holding the Hilton Honors American Express Surpass Card or the Hilton Honors American Express Business Card.

Once you’re a Gold member, your Blue and Silver benefits remain in addition to 80% bonus on all points earned, free breakfast at participating hotels and upgrades/preferred rooms (based on availability).

Diamond HHonors Membership Benefits

The highest level in the Hilton Honors program is Diamond. In order to reach Diamond, you’ll need 30 nights, or 15 stays or 60,000 base points. Alternatively, holding the Hilton Honors Aspire Card also garners your Diamond elite status.

All previous benefits accumulate. Additionally, Diamond members get 100% point bonuses and a 48-hour room guarantee for late bookings. Plus, you’ll get access to executive floor lounges and 24/7 access to member services. What’s more, if Diamond members don’t meet the requirements to requalify for the next year, they have the option to request their status remains anyway.

Diamond Hilton Honors members can also receive 20 points per $1 spent on stays.

How to Earn Hilton HHonors Points

Anyone can begin earning HHonors Points as soon as they sign up. You can earn points by staying at over 6,200 hotels and resorts worldwide. Besides hotel stays, Hilton HHonors Members can earn additional points on dining, Lyft rides, qualifying credit card spends, and promotions.

For Hilton Grand Vacations Club owners, you can even convert your HGV points into HHonors points. Instead of banking or borrowing points, some HGVC owners choose to convert their timeshare points into HHonors points to redeem for free nights at qualifying hotels and other rewards.

Using Hilton HHonors Points

The benefits of the different Hilton Honors levels include tons of rewards on travel, shopping, dining, and other exclusive experiences. Use HHonors points for free nights without any blackout dates. Or, spend points for VIP access to concerts, dining, or even sporting events. Hilton HHonors points come in handy, too, when you’re traveling and need to book airline tickets or car rentals.

Do Hilton HHonors Points Ever Expire?

Hilton Honors points do expire after 12 months of inactivity on your account. That means you have to actively be spending or redeeming points in order to keep the ones you’ve collected. Be sure to stay up to date with Hilton, as all elite levels are subject to change at its discretion.

Are Hilton Honors Points Refundable?

Depending on each individual hotel’s cancellation policy at booking, most Hilton Honors points can be refunded as long as you cancel 48 – 72 hours before arrival. In certain cases, you may not be able to get your HHonors points back at all, so be sure to read the cancellation policy before booking if you’re concerned.

Hilton Grand Vacations ClubPoints Vs. Hilton Honors Points

As a Hilton Grand Vacations Club owner, you automatically have Elite status in the Hilton Honors program. When you become an owner of HGVC, you should definitely sign up for Hilton Honors as well to get the most value out of your vacation ownership. With all of the different ways you can earn points on vacation, you’ll be able to get amazing reward benefits for years to come.

When planning out your vacations for the year, keep in mind when you are traveling, where you want to go, how long your stay will be, and if there are other trips you will want to take. Hilton timeshare owners have the ability to bank and borrow points to maximize their vacation time. If this year you want to take one big vacation, you may need to borrow points from the following year and take shorter vacations that year instead.

This is also where converting your HGV ClubPoints can come in handy. Some owners will decide to use their smaller allotment of ClubPoints by converting them to HHonors points and using them at HHonors hotels. Hotel room accommodations are normally smaller and don’t have all of the same amenities as an HGVC resort, but can still be great for quick getaway vacations.

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