Timeshare Industry Statistics Show Nine Consecutive Years of GROWTH

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The latest report from ARDA shows that the timeshare industry has seen growth all around for nine years straight now. From 2017 to 2018, sales revenue increased from $9.6 billion to $10.2 billion. That’s nearly a seven percent increase!

ARDA News! AIF’s State of the Vacation Timeshare Industry Report is Released

ARDA just released their 2019 State of the Vacation Timeshare Industry report, conducted by EY for the ARDA International Foundation (AIF). This report provides professionals as well as involved timeshare owners important information and statistics on growth, economic impacts, as well as insights to owner demographics.

2018’s increased growth directly refutes the doubts made against timeshare, specifically from timeshare exit teams or “cancellation” lawyers. The ARDA news and timeshare statistics also show growth in other facets of the industry.

Other Timeshare Industry Trends from 2018

With a rise in demand for timeshare units, resorts and the luxurious amenities that come with them, annual dues are also on the rise. Timeshare maintenance fees have increased 2% since 2017 and now average at $1,000 annually. Keep in mind, these fees go towards everything that makes a timeshare resort great. These benefits extend to unique experiences created for guests.

Perhaps coming as a surprise to most, vacation ownership has become more affordable in the last year, which could explain the growing trends. Families are turning their heads at the more attractive timeshare model. More accessibility and lower prices make us committed to vacations every year.

ARDA State of the Industry 2019

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