Hilton Announces Owners Will Receive 60% Point Allotment Increase

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All HGV Club Owners Will Receive A 60% Increase in Points On February 24

Big changes are coming to the Hilton Grand Vacations Club following the announcement of their purchase of Diamond Resorts earlier in 2021. Since Hilton’s acquisition of Diamond, owners are expected to see changes to their resort selections and even points. Hilton announced on February 3rd to all owners that they will see an increase of 60% of their points on February 24th. So, what should you expect with this Hilton point increase? Let’s discuss!

Hilton Grand Vacations Points Adjustments for Club Members

Not only will Hilton be changing the number of points allotted to Club Members, but the number of points required to make reservations will also be increasing. The process of making reservations using points will stay the same. Here are some key points to keep in mind with the latest changes.

  • All ClubPoints, Bonus Points, and Saved Points allotted to Club Members will increase by 60%. For every point, the increase will show 1.6 points. If you currently own 5,000 ClubPoints, the increase will reflect 8,000 ClubPoints on February 24th.
  • Points required to make reservations will also increase by 60% to adjust for the merger with Diamond Resorts.
  • If you are also a member of RCI and have deposited points, they will also be adjusted on February 24th.
  • Hilton Honors points, ClubPartner Perks, and maintenance fees will also be proportionally adjusted.

Why Are Hilton Points Increasing?

The goal of Hilton adjusting all owner’s points is to create a consistent, simplified points scale across all programs following the acquisition of Diamond Resorts. Owners will be able to continue using their membership in the same way and access rights will remain the same.

Hilton, who bought Diamond Resorts, conducted an analysis and found that adjusting points will help create a consistent and simplified points scale. This will also help simplify all transactions and set the groundwork for future membership offerings. Hilton buying Diamond Resorts means that owners at both clubs will eventually have the chance to book vacations at dozens of new resorts.

Will the Points Increases Affect Club Members’ Reservations or Ownership?

Hilton Grand Vacations has confirmed that besides ClubMembers points allotments increasing, nothing else will really change. All vacation ownership and access rights will remain the same. Additionally, owners’ Home Resorts, unit types, and seasons will also not change.

The change to point allotments is coming on February 24th, 2022. All ClubPoints, Bonus Points, and Saved Points will increase by 60%. The number of points required to make reservations will also increase by 60%, which will essentially give you the same access to make reservations as always.

There is no cost to owners for the changes coming.

What About Hilton Honors?

Future Hilton Honors conversion ratios will change proportionally to the 60% increase. Currently, HGVC members may convert next year’s ClubPoints allotment at a ratio of one ClubPoint per 25 Hilton Honors Points (a 1:25 ratio). Upon the points increase, the Hilton Honors conversion ratio will change to 1 ClubPoint per 16 Hilton Honors points (a 1:16 ratio). Keep in mind, though, that previously converted Hilton Honors points will not increase or be adjusted.

Hilton Honors Conversion RatiosBefore AdjustmentAfter Adjustment
Conversion for immediate Hilton Honors Reservations1 ClubPoint = 20 Honors Points1 ClubPoint = 13 Honors Points
Hilton Honors Conversion ratio for following-year use1 ClubPoint = 25 Honors Points1 ClubPoint = 16 Honors Points
Hilton Honors Conversion Ratio for Following-Year Use (Hilton Club Only)1 ClubPoint = 50 Honors Points1 ClubPoint = 32 Honors Points

Elite Tiers of Membership Impact

Qualifying points for each tier of Elite membership with Hilton Grand Vacations Club will also increase by 60%. The new increase will not boost you up to a higher Elite status. Essentially, Elite Members will maintain the same tier.

Membership TierBefore AdjustmentAfter Adjustment
Standard0 to 13,999 ClubPoints0 to 22,399 ClubPoints
Elite14,000 to 23,999 ClubPoints22,400 to 38,399 ClubPoints
Elite Plus24,000 to 33,999 ClubPoints38,400 to 54,399 ClubPoints
Elite Premier34,000 ClubPoints and up54,400 ClubPoints and up

Will the Cost of HGVC Be Affected?

The cost of Hilton Grand Vacations Club maintenance fees and points will not be affected by the increase of ClubMembers point allotments. There is no cost to owners with this change and it is solely related to HGVC membership. It is not related to the maintenance fees assessed by your association.

The Future of HGV Club Membership

Hilton Grand Vacations Club is known for having some of the best timeshare resorts for families. As things change, they will continue to value customer experiences at the heart of the brand. HGV’s acquisition of Diamond Resorts will bring new resort options to members, and a new program is expected to launch in 2022. This initial adjustment will allow for a more consistent and even Points scale that can be shared across all programs. However, it does not allow booking across Diamond Resorts and Hilton Grand Vacations platforms at this time. As Hilton announces more information that is sure to come, check back here for updates!

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