How to Find Your Vacation Dreams with Timeshare Exchange

We all know by now that the benefits of timeshare go far beyond the savings you receive on luxury vacations for a lifetime. There is no question that owners of timeshare love their vacation clubs and membership. With so much space at the resort for a homier vibe, beautiful and exciting destinations as well as exotic locales that are unmatched, it seems like vacation ownership couldn’t be more worth it. With a timeshare resale, the perks and benefits that transfer to new owners can save you tons of money. On top of these massive members-only benefits, vacation exchange programs bring every corner of the world within reach, allowing timeshare owners to travel anywhere they dream of. Resort Condominiums International, Interval International and others keep a network of affiliated resorts so owners can trade timeshare weeks or exchange vacation points.

What is Vacation Exchange?

With vacation exchange networks like RCI or II, members of affiliated timeshare resorts can trade their weeks or points within their program. Normally, a resort or brand is only affiliated with either RCI or II, so check with your resort if you aren’t sure which vacation exchange program you are eligible to trade within.

Timeshare exchange companies allow owners of affiliated resorts to become a member, post their available week or points at a resort on the online network, and trade their ownership to go anywhere in the world. There are associated fees with timeshare exchange programs, like annual membership, exchange fees or extensions (so your points don’t expire before you can use them!)

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Timeshare Exchange Tips

Do you own a timeshare and don’t know where to get started with vacation exchange programs? These timeshare exchange tips will help you save time and money in the long run.

  1. Know what vacation exchange network your resort is affiliated with. You can simply contact your resort if you’re not sure if your timeshare brand is associated with RCI, II or another timeshare trading network. You may also find this information in any documents you received from your timeshare purchase.
  2. Don’t let points expire! Before depositing your points or timeshare week for the year to trade, make sure you have a vacation plan in mind. On most timeshare trade networks, these vacation points or weeks do expire, and it can be a pain to pay and extend their use. If you don’t use ‘em, you will lose ‘em.
  3. Plan Ahead. If you think of going on a last minute vacation to a popular beach or resort, you most likely won’t be able to get the exchange you want. Vacationers sometimes plan years in advance, so last minute trades to popular destinations are usually not realistic. For your travel dreams, start to plan several months to a year in advance.
  4. Call your timeshare exchange network to plan. Most of the online listings you browse through on a timeshare exchange network are the “leftover” postings that went unclaimed by those that planned with their exchange company. If you call your timeshare exchange company, they offer services to help you set up for an ongoing search. As long as you know where you want to go, they can help you get first dibs.
  5. Don’t make your search too broad or too narrow. If you’re looking for a specific resort at a specific week, keep your fingers crossed. Especially if you are looking to go on a vacation at a highly sought-after destination. The same thing goes for letting your search go too narrow. If you were to request a trade for Hawaii, you’ll end up with an overwhelming number of matches. Try to find the perfect balance of requests.

How to Trade Your Timeshare for a Cruise

how to trade timeshare for a cruiseYou read that right. Your vacation ownership on land can be traded for a cruise. A timeshare exchange program such as RCI gives members the opportunity to exchange their weeks or points at a resort for luxurious cruises like the Royal Caribbean, Carnival and more. You’ll never have to worry about what to do on your next vacation again when RCI and II provide some of the best resale and exchange opportunities. Follow the same steps and tips as above and you’ll be sailing the seas instead of lounging on beaches in no time.

Planning Your Next Trip?

To learn more about RCI fees and dues, how it works and what you can do to get started, click here to go to our RCI overview.

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