New Site Feature Coming Soon: Keep Track of Your Favorite Resorts

favorite timeshare resorts

Ever find yourself browsing online and opening a million tabs to keep track of your items and compare prices? We know the feeling. The new Fidelity website will have a new feature for users that create an account. “Favorite” your top resorts or listings to keep track of updates, and keep them all organized in one place.

Favorite Resorts and Listings

Instead of the Priority Blast, which includes all of our latest timeshares for sale from DVC and other brands, we wanted to give users the ability to customize their preferences. When you “Favorite” a resort, you will receive the latest updates and new listings for it. That way, if you are looking for listings for just one DVC resort, you only receive those listings in your inbox.

You can change how often you receive updates, and even turn off notifications by heading to your Favorites and un-liking that particular property. Favoriting listings will send you updates on description changes, price adjustments, and status of the listing. Our listings will be updated in real-time, so you know exactly which ones are no longer available to purchase.

Should you have any questions about creating an account on the new website, you can also use our Live Chat feature. A timeshare expert will get back to you in real time to answer questions about listings and navigating the site.

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