Annual DVC Dues for 2024

Annual DVC Dues for 2024

If you’re a proud owner of Disney Vacation Club, you know that with great ownership comes a great responsibility of paying yearly maintenance fees – the DVC annual dues! These dues are critical to keep each Disney Vacation Club resort in top-notch condition for you to enjoy your magical vacations. Not only do they cover operating costs and property taxes, but they also ensure that the Disney Vacation Club resorts remain updated with the latest amenities and features. These fees are subject to change each year at Disney’s discretion. So it’s important to stay on top of the latest updates to plan your budget and maximize your ownership benefits. Here is how much you will owe in 2024 to cover your ownership.

2024 Annual DVC Dues by Resort

DVC Annual dues are on a per-point basis. The number of points you own at your home resort and the current dues required at that resort determine what your required dues are. So, the following figures will be multiplied by the number of points in the owner’s contract. For example, if a member owns 150 points at Bay Lake Tower, their 2024 annual dues will be about $1138.53. Keep this in mind when deciding on how many points you want to buy. The more DVC points you own, the more you will pay in annual dues.

The following figures are rounded to two decimal points instead of the four decimal point figures that Disney releases. This is for easier comprehension! So, you may see a very slight difference in price for your own annual dues.

Resort20232024% Increase
Animal Kingdom Villas$8.81$9.08+3.09%
Aulani (Subsidized)$6.87$7.33+6.78%
Bay Lake Tower$7.42$7.59+2.22%
Beach Club Villas$8.17$8.63+5.63%
Boulder Ridge$8.51$8.68+1.97%
Copper Creek$7.92$8.09+2.19%
Disneyland Hotel$9.06$9.53+5.20%
Grand Californian$8.04$8.55+6.39%
Grand Floridian$7.33$7.57+3.28%
Hilton Head$10.73$11.31+5.44%
Old Key West$9.36$9.87+5.45%
Saratoga Springs$7.86$8.14+3.52%
Vero Beach (Before 1/1/96)$10.13$10.89+7.51%
Vero Beach (On or After 1/1/96)$12.85$13.86+7.88%

Disney Vacation Club dues are a required part of owning with DVC, and dues can vary by contract size and resort you own with. Dues can change every year, so it’s important to be aware of any changes coming up to your next bill. Normally, the year-over-year changes are nominal.

What Do DVC Annual Dues Cover?

The operating costs that DVC annual dues go towards include housekeeping, resort utilities, park transportation, and more. DVC annual dues also include property taxes on top of the maintenance of the property. Any long-term resort renovations or repairs are also covered by annual dues. Security services at the DVC resorts are paid for with annual dues to ensure the safety of all guests. Also covered by these payments are the costs to manage the front desk, including salaries and the cost of the technology used. The upkeep of the technology used for DVC reservations, as well as the cost of upgrading the systems, is also included in what is covered by annual dues.

How Are Disney Vacation Club Annual Dues Calculated?

If you’re a Disney Vacation Club (DVC) member, you’re probably well aware that annual dues are an important aspect of your membership. But how exactly are these dues calculated? DVC calculates the projected costs each year. These costs include everything from staff salaries to landscaping and pool maintenance. These projected costs are then divided by the number of points that are available at the resort.

When Are DVC Annual Dues Paid?

So when are these annual dues actually due? Annual dues are normally billed to members by Disney Vacation Club in December, with payment due by mid-January of the following year. However, dues can be prepaid or spread out over the year by members.

What Happens If You Don’t Pay Your Dues?

If you don’t pay your dues, DVC can suspend your membership benefits. Reservations cannot be made until your dues have been paid in full, so you won’t be able to use any of your DVC points. It’s definitely important to make sure you stay up to date on your dues payments to continue to enjoy all the benefits of being a DVC member.

Disney Vacation Club Annual Dues Increase

Most of the Walt Disney World Resorts have only slightly increased because property taxes declined. However, operating costs at each resort have gone up. Owners of Beach Club Villas are subject to the highest increase on Walt Disney World property, which rose 5.63% since 2023. Disney’s Vero Beach has the highest year-over-year increase in dues, which rose over 7% since 2023.

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