DVC Points: How They Work, How Many You Need And How to Add More

DVC Points: How They Work, How Many You Need And How to Add More

Disney Vacation Club resorts are some of the most unique vacation ownership opportunities for families. Each Disney resort offers something special, but the DVC resorts have an extra dash of pixie dust. There are 16 DVC resorts across the United States, in some of the country’s top vacation destinations. From the thrills of Walt Disney World to the relaxing shores of Hawaii, there is a DVC resort for every type of traveler. DVC points work like vacation currency, so it’s important to know how to use them to best benefit you! How many DVC points you’ll need to buy depends on multiple factors and there are many ways to use them! Let’s discuss how these points work, how many you’ll need, and how to add more to your existing DVC membership!

How Do DVC Points Work?

Think of Disney Vacation Club points as a currency that you can use on vacation. When you purchase points (whether it’s directly from DVC or resale), you are buying a leasehold contract at a specific resort. Your contract ownership details determine the annual allotment of points you receive.

With a flexible points-based system, Disney Vacation Club owners can use their points at any resort within the DVC catalog.

There are many things to consider when purchasing DVC. These include the annual allotment of points they will receive, which Disney resort they have priority booking with, and when their points will renew. Your Home resort, how much space you’ll need, and how often you’d like to vacation affect how many points you will need.

Use Year

Disney Vacation Club gives owners an annual allotment of points every year on their Use Year. It may come as a surprise to learn that your Use Year actually refers to a month. The first of that month is when you can use your annual allotment of points over the next year.

Learn more about the importance of Use Years with DVC on our blog.

There are eight Use Years to consider: February, March, April, June, August, September, October, and December.

DVC points are flexible! You can bank them for the following year up to 8 months after your Use Year. For example, if your Use Year is February, you have until September 30th to bank your points before they must be used or banked. Otherwise, they will expire.

You can also borrow points from the following year and use them in your current Use Year. The way Disney timeshare points work gives members greater flexibility and freedom to vacation to the fullest. You can choose what Disney Vacation Club resort villas you want to stay in and when!

How Many DVC Points Do I Need?

It might be tricky to determine how many DVC points you will need to buy. Consider a few things first:

  • How many people will you be traveling with?
  • How much space will you need every vacation?
  • Which Disney resorts will you plan on going to most?
  • What season do you travel during?

Disney Vacation Club resorts have a range of accommodations, from quaint studios all the way to three-bedroom villas. Studios generally sleep up to four to five people, depending on the resort. Riviera Resort features Tower Studios, which only sleeps up to two people.

Not every DVC resort has a large variety of room sizes. Beach Club, Boulder Ridge Villas at Wilderness Lodge, and the Polynesian Villas at Walt Disney World can only comfortably accommodate up to eight people.

However, you may want some extra space or additional amenities if you will be traveling with the family. Although you’ll be staying at a deluxe resort, not every room is right for large families. A Studio Villa room or One Bedroom DVC Villas might not be the right room type to check in to.

If you need more space, or perhaps you’re planning an extra special family Disney vacation, you can bank or borrow your points if need be. This way you can make a resort reservation for larger Disney Vacation Club villas that can fit your entire travel party.

If you’re wondering how many points you need, also consider which resorts you will want to travel to the most. Newer Disney Vacation Club resorts are going to have higher demand and cost more in points as well. The Polynesian bungalows with unbeatable views of Magic Kingdom are also popular, so you can account for this as well.

Travel Periods at DVC

Each resort may have a different set of Travel Periods. DVC Orlando resorts have seven different Travel Periods. September 1st through the 19th is generally the slowest travel season in Orlando, so you won’t need as many points if you plan on visiting during that time. The weather is pretty warm, but kids are back in school, making it perfect for a trip to Disney World for adults.

You can take a look at our DVC Point Charts to get a good look at how many points you will need to spend at each resort, depending on the Travel Period.

Understanding how Travel Periods work and looking at DVC points charts is vital for planning Disney vacations. Knowing what room types you can get when making a reservation at Disney Vacation Club villas is a no brainer! So, whether you want to stay at the Grand Floridian or Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, be sure to familiarize yourself with the system before booking.

How to Buy Disney Timeshare

Whether it’s the first time you buy a Disney timeshare or you are looking to add more points to your existing ownership, there are a couple of ways to do so. You can buy points directly from Disney and enjoy the maximum benefits that DVC offers. It does come with a hefty price tag, but there are also financing options Disney offers.

If you’re adding points to your membership or you just want to spend less for a Disney Vacation Club contract, resale is a great option. You can browse listings by resort, points, Use Year, etc. Call us or fill out a form on a listing of your choice to make an offer.

Keep an eye on our monthly “Average DVC Resale Price Per Point” blog to keep up with the trends. Knowing what resale customers pay per point at each Disney property may help you decide where to buy. Of course, buying timeshares resale is a great way to save money compared to the rack rate cost of booking Disney hotel rooms every year!

Tips to Add Points to Your Existing Membership

If you’re worried about how many DVC points you will need, keep in mind that you can always buy more, especially on the resale market. DVC resales are at a much lower cost and have some of the same benefits you will enjoy. Take a look at DVC Resale Vs. Direct, as well as DVC Resale Restrictions, to learn more.

Recently, Disney announced that in order to receive your Blue Membership card (giving owners discounts on dining, access to Members Only lounges, shopping discounts, and more) you must hold 150 DVC points that are originally purchased directly from Disney. DVC changes its resale regulations often, so keep this in mind.

If you are happy with your current membership but simply want more DVC points, adding on can be pretty simple. The easiest way to go about it is to keep things consistent with your current membership. Pay for the same Use Year and make sure the property is deeded to the same names as your original.

When you add on this way, you will have two deeds but only one Disney Vacation Club membership number. You will use these DVC points as if they were all part of a single package, so you can book Disney Vacation Club villas with ease. It’s completely hassle-free.

Buying DVC Points at a New Home Resort

So, you’re loving your DVC membership, but there’s another resort you want to have priority reservations with? We get it. Maybe you bought a contract from the Polynesian, but you want to have priority booking access to the new Riviera Resort that just opened.

If you buy the same Use Year, you’ll maintain one account. The points will renew at the same time, but booking can be tricky.

Let’s say you buy the same Use Year from the Riviera Resort. When it comes time to book a vacation, you will still only have a seven-month booking window. Why? Because you’re using points that are also associated with your Polynesian resort (your Home resort). This is one “gotcha!” that can come with purchasing more points at a different resort under the same account.

Buying a Different Use Year

If you choose to buy DVC Points under a different Use Year, the only con is having to manage two different accounts. Multiple Use Years can be really useful, especially if you plan to visit Disney more than once a year and have very specific dates in mind. For instance, perhaps your family does a trip to Disney every spring, but you would also like to start a new tradition of seeing the New Year fireworks from Bay Lake Tower.

It’s a great idea, but the holiday season is a very popular time to make a reservation at the resort. You will almost definitely need the full 11-month booking window of a December Use Year at Bay Lake Tower if you hope to book club villas during the holiday season each year.

In this case, multiple Disney accounts make sense and will actually help you to make the most of your membership.

Note that, unlike multiple contracts at the same home resort, if you choose to sell your DVC points packages of different resorts, they cannot be combined into a single deed for the buyer. The two contracts will be sold independently.

Transferring DVC Points

If you own multiple DVC memberships (more than one membership number), Disney gives you a limited ability to transfer points between accounts. The “official policy” is that a single owner can only make one transfer between accounts each year.

DVC is firm on how restrictions work in that only points for the immediate year can be transferred.

Can You Buy Unused Disney Vacation Club Points?

If you don’t plan on using your DVC points and cannot bank them for next year, you should contact Disney directly for assistance in renting them out. You can buy unused points on the resale market from DVC members selling their full points package.

Curing Add-on-itis With DVC Resale

There are some useful tools to help you search for more DVC points. Create an account on our website to receive the latest Disney Vacation Club listings of your choice as soon as we post them. Browse resort listings for the Grand Floridian, Boulder Ridge Villas at Wilderness Lodge, Kidani Village, and more! This is the best way to snatch up the point package, Home Resort, and Use Year that you have been searching for at a great cost.

Join Disney Vacation Club and Save With Fidelity Real Estate

There are many perks to becoming a DVC member! Experience resort reservation booking priority, access to stunning DVC villas, free parking, and so much more! Disney Vacation Club villas can be found in Florida, California, South Carolina, and Hawaii. So if you’re planning on relaxing on the beach or exploring the thrills of theme parks like Animal Kingdom, this vacation club might be the best for you!

Call us at 1-800-410-8326 to get in touch with a Licensed Real Estate agent. We have over 20 years of experience in timeshare resales and have been the Recommended Resale Broker for Disney Vacation Club for over 15 years. Our team can show you how DVC points work and walk you through buying them.

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