What is the DVC Secondary Market?

By Noah Belachew

What is the DVC Secondary Market?

This is a thriving resale market for owners looking to sell their DVC points, as well as buyers that hope to score some DVC points for a deal.

Yes, you can! What makes the secondary market so popular is that all of Disney's resorts are available to choose from.

Can You Buy DVC Points From the Secondary Market?

Pros of the Secondary Market

When you buy on the secondary market, you'll save up to 70% on a timeshare purchase, making it a great way to add to an existing membership or get started with DVC.

On the other hand, you won't have access to the DVC benefits you'd get from buying directly from Disney, and you'll have less flexibility in buying from future resorts.

Cons of the Secondary Market

If you're looking to sell your DVC points, we can help? Here's what you'll need to know about the secondary market.

Step #1 Know exactly what you own.

From the points you have available, to the use year of the contract, knowing what is included in your ownership is important for selling on the resale market. 

At Fidelity Real Estate, we can create a listing to promote your ownership for sale. Plus, we'll do it without any upfront fees!

Step #2 List Your Points for Sale

Step #3 Accept an offer

Once we get an offer on your listing, we'll communicate the details and facilitate negotiations for you. After terms are finalized, we'll write the contracts.

At this point, the documents are sent to DVC to undergo the ROFR. DVC can step in as the buyer, otherwise the sale proceeds between the original parties.

Step #4 Navigate the Right of First Refusal

Step #5 Sold!

After the review period is finished and everything goes through, you have successfully sold your DVC membership!

Work With Fidelity Real Estate

When you navigate the resale market, you'll want a reliable partner. FREA has over 20 years of DVC experience to assist you.

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