Timeshare Weeks 2023 Planning Calendar

By Noah Belachew

What Are Timeshare Weeks?

Timeshare weeks are the traditional type of timeshare. Owning a timeshare week means you own a week of time at your selected timeshare resort. 

Fixed Week Timeshares -you are generally eligible to vacation at your resort for the same week every year.

Floating Week Timeshares - with a floating week timeshare, the time you’re allowed to book is “floating,” meaning that the time you can visit your resort varies.

The Timeshare Weeks Planning Calendar

If you'd like to check out our timeshare weeks calendar for 2023, check out the link below.

Want to know where to stay this year? You're in luck! Here are some great timeshares to enjoy in 2023.

Westgate Park City Resort and Spa

For ten years in a row, this resort has won Utah’s award for Best Ski Resort. The Westgate is also home to a 30,000-square-foot, full-service mountain retreat day spa.

Guests will enjoy spending days by the pool here. It's also only 40 minutes away from where the Coachella Music Festival is held

Vista Mirage Resort

Aulani, a Disney Resort and Spa 

Some of the fun activities that take place here include Disney games, crafts, and movies. Meanwhile, this Disney Vacation Club resort is also home to a world-class spa.

The Westgate New York Grand Central is only a mile away from the New Year's festivities in Times Square. 

Westgate New York Grand Central

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