Timeshare Resale Scams to Avoid

By Matti Pennington

Timeshare  Resale Scams

While timeshares themselves and the experiences they provide are not scams, it’s important to protect yourself from fraudulent schemes. Here is what you need to be aware of:

If someone calls you claiming to be from a brokerage or company, they may sound legitimate. However, it is illegal for a resale company to call you unsolicited.

Timeshare cancellation companies are a common resale scam that harm thousands of owners. While you may be promised a money-back guarantee, these have been rarely granted.

A common timeshare resale scam is when someone tells you to stop paying your maintenance fees. You should not stop paying these dues because it will harm your credit score.

If you list your timeshare for sale with a legitimate resale company, a bad apple may reach out and claim they are an employee. Call the company directly to verify if you are unsure.

Is the Timeshare Resale Market a Scam?

The timeshare resale market is legitimate (and thriving), and we can prove it. Fidelity Real Estate has helped thousands of owners sell their timeshares for over 20 years.

Sell Your Timeshare

At Fidelity Real Estate, we have Licensed Agents with years of experience in timeshare resales.

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