Timeshare Weeks vs Points

By Noah Belachew | Content Writer

What are timeshare weeks?

Timeshare weeks give you a specific week in the year where you can stay at your selected timeshare resort.

Timeshare points are spent in order to stay at a resort of your choosing. You're given an allotment of points that renew on a certain date.

What are timeshare points?


Guaranteed vacation time

Can be exchanged on RCI or II

No need to plan in advance

Create family traditions



Same week and resort each year

Rigid vacation time

Timeshare weeks


Flexible vacation times

Bank or borrow points

Multiple resort options

Travel alone or with family


Must plan ahead

Popular resorts sell out quickly

Risk of not reserving the time you want

timeshare points

Should I buy timeshare weeks or points?

Buying timeshare points is recommended depending on which brand you want to own with. For example, if you want a Disney Vacation Club timeshare, your only option is to buy points.

Buying a timeshare can be expensive. You can find great options on the resale market when it comes to buying one. Reach out to one of our agents to learn more. 

Consider buying resale weeks or points

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