Timeshare Buying Tips on the Resale Market

By Matti Pennington

Oftentimes, people don’t talk about timeshare or their buying experience, so it’s hard to know what to look out for. Here are a few timeshare buying tips you should know.

1. Do your research before attending a timeshare presentation. 2. Scour the timeshare resale market. You may find just what you’re looking for, for way less.

3. Do not expect your timeshare to be an investment.  4. Decide what type of timeshare you want to buy. There are fixed weeks, floating weeks, flexible points-based ownerships, and more.

5. Choose your Home resort wisely. Some vacation clubs give owners priority booking windows at their Home resort. Plus, you may not want to make the trip out to Hawaii every year.

6. Timeshare financing can be a great way to pay as you go. It’s no secret that vacation ownership can be expensive. Our friends at Vacation Club Loans offer low rates.

7. Keep timeshare maintenance fees and dues in mind. Every vacation ownership club or timeshare resort requires owners to pay maintenance fees. Sometimes these are quarterly, or annually.

8. Get to know the best vacation clubs to join. Each vacation club has it’s own set of perks, loyalty programs, and destinations. Make sure to pick one that you know will be useful for your vacations.

9. Learn about vacation exchange. Most clubs are affiliated with either RCI or Interval International. If you think you are likely to exchange your ownership.

Buy a Timeshare & Start Traveling

Fidelity Real Estate is here for you when you’re ready to buy a timeshare. Resale can help you save thousands.

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