The Best Things To Do In Palm Springs

By Matti Pennington

Palm Springs

Palm Springs has things that people of all ages can enjoy. Whether you want a memorable getaway with your significant other, a family vacation, or you simply want to sight-see, you can.

Palm Springs offers many ways to make a lifetime of memories. Here are the best things to do in Palm Springs while on vacation.

Backstreet Art District – This area has various art galleries and food venues in case you get hungry. You will find everything from intricate paintings, sculptures, and hand-blown glass on display.

Truss & Twine - This bar is located in the heart of Palm Springs. Modern and sleek, you can have a nice drink alongside charcuterie boards for a beautiful and eventful evening.

Hot Air Ballooning – Check out Coachella Valley from an entirely new perspective. Many vendors provide hot air ballooning services, so it’s of your choosing who you decide to use.

Marvyn’s Magic Theater – Spark your kids’ imagination by taking them to Marvyn’s Magic Theater. Sit in for a 75-minute performance by some of the best magicians, artists, and Broadway talents.

Joshua Tree National Park – Visitors will enjoy an entirely new outlook on nature, here. From bizarrely shaped plants and trees, everything you see has a personality of its own.

Places To Stay Nearby

Palm Canyon Resort & Spa and Vista Mirage Resort are desert paradises that you didn’t know you had to visit. These resorts boast fabulous amenities and accommodations. 

Buy a Timeshare in Palm Springs

When you buy a timeshare, you can visit Palm Springs every single year and experience all the best things to do. 

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