Selling DVC With Fidelity

By Noah Belachew | Content Writer

Determine what you own


It's important to know which resort you own at as well as how many DVC points you own and the use year of your contract.

Listing DVC Points for Sale


We never require upfront fees to sell your DVC points. Our experts will create a listing to promote your ownership for sale.

Decide How Much to Sell For


How much to sell for is up to you. Our experts can help determine its market value based on resale trends.

Receive Offers and Negotiate Terms


Once we get an offer on your DVC points for sale, we can go over the details and facilitate negotiations.

Write and Sign Contracts


After the terms of sale are finalized, Fidelity will write contracts and collect signatures.

Navigate DVC's Right of First Refusal


DVC has the right to step in as buyer. If they don't, the sale proceeds as planned.

Coordinate With the Title Insurance Company


After the ROFR is waived, we can recommend a title company to finalize the documents and transfer ownership.



With all that taken care of, you've successfully sold your DVC Membership!

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