All You Need to Know About RCI Timeshare

By Justin Zouhari

A lot of people ask which resorts are owned by RCI. RCI actually does not develop or own any resorts. The company is simply a vacation exchange network.

About RCI Resorts

Let's take a look at how RCI Works!

Weeks and Points

RCI uses Points and Weeks as trading power on their network. Which type of membership you have is based on the timeshare you own.

There is a yearly fee to continue membership through the network as well as some exchange fees.

Fees and Dues

Guest Certificate

The RCI Guest Certificate enables your friend or family member to check in to a vacation that was booked through RCI.

Here are a few of our favorites that all just so happen to be RCI Gold Crown resorts!

Enjoy the lively hustle and bustle of New York City and then escape to the luxurious comfort of The Manhattan Club.

The Manhattan Club

Nestled in the mountains & in the heart of year-round adventure, the 1-2 suites feature fully-stocked kitchens and modern appliances throughout!

Club Wyndham Park City

Accommodations at Orange Lake are spacious enough for the whole family. This amazing resort is located just a few minutes from Walt Disney World.

Holiday Inn Club Vacations at Orange Lake Resort

RCI Timeshares for Sale

Looking for RCI timeshares for sale?  To see the latest RCI timeshares for sale, we recommend looking at some of the brands RCI works with.

Explore Timeshare Resales

Fidelity offers timeshares for sale that provide the opportunity for vacation exchange, allowing you to explore a variety of destinations.

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