DVC Points: How They Work, How Many You Need And How to  Add More

By Matti Pennington

DVC points work like vacation currency, making vacations flexible and exciting. Owners can use their DVC points to travel to all fifteen resorts when and how they want.

When you purchase DVC points, you are buying a leasehold contract at a specific resort and Use Year. Your contract ownership details determine the annual allotment of points you receive.

The main things new buyers consider when they are purchasing DVC are the annual allotment of points they will receive, which resort they have priority booking with, and when their points will renew.

It may come as a surprise to learn that your Use Year actually refers to a month. The first of that month is when you will be able to use your annual allotment of points over the next year.

If you’re wondering how many DVC points you need, you should consider which resorts you will want to travel to the most. Newer resorts, like the Riviera, are going to have higher demand and cost more.

What to Consider Before Buying Points

– How many people will you be traveling with? – How much space will you need? – Which resort will plan going to the most? – What season do you travel during?

How to Buy Disney Timeshare

If you're adding points to your membership or you generally want to spend less for a DVC contract, resale is a great option.

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