How to Sell Wyndham Timeshare: Step-by-Step Guide

By Matti Pennington | Content Writer

Wyndham Destinations is one of the largest and best vacation clubs in the world.  However, sometimes life can get in the way of our vacation lifestyles and it might be time to move on. If you’re looking to sell your Wyndham timeshare, there are many options to turn to.

Wyndham Destinations

What to Know Before Selling Your Wyndham Timeshare

Before you sell your Wyndham timeshare, consider the reasons why you want to sell it. Don’t forget that you can bank, borrow, and spend your Wyndham points however you like. 

Can I sell my Club Wyndham timeshare?

As the owner, you are definitely able to sell your Club Wyndham timeshare if you choose to. Before you sell, consider renting out your ownership, gifting it to a loved one, or giving it back to Wyndham. Once you have decided to sell your timeshare here are the steps to follow with Fidelity Real Estate.

Start by Filling  Out a Form


We’ll give you a free consultation, at no obligation, to go over the services we can provide  to you.

Create a Listing


Should you decide to accept our services, there are zero up-front fees. We will work together to create your listing and set the offer price.

Wait For an Offer


When an offer is made on your listing, we will contact you to go over the details. Our agents can facilitate the negotiations for you.

The Right of First Refusal (ROFR)


If Wyndham chooses to, they can accept all terms of the contracts and buy your Wyndham timeshare back themselves.

If the ROFR is Waived


If the ROFR is waived by the resort, we can direct you to a trusted title company that will transfer the title out of your name. 

Title is Transferred Out of Your Name


Make sure the title is transferred out of your name by contacting your resort. Do not stop paying your fees until it is confirmed.

How Do I Sell My Wyndham Timeshare?

When you’re ready to sell your Wyndham timeshare, Fidelity Real Estate can help. We are Wyndham’s Recommended Resale Brokerage and a Featured Reseller for the Coalition for Responsible Exit. Our Licensed Real Estate Brokerage has been in business for over 20 years assisting Wyndham owners.

Sell My Timehare

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