How to Sell a Vacation Club Membership

By Noah Belachew

What is a Vacation Club?

Instead of staying at the same resort each year, like timeshare owners used to, vacation club memberships allow you to visit any resort that's part of the club.

Vacation exchange is worth considering before selling your membership. With vacation exchange, you can trade your points for a stay at one of thousands of other resorts.

Before Selling Your Membership

Avoid Resale Scams

Be wary of unsolicited calls from supposed resellers, a legitimate reseller will never call unsolicited. You should also keep paying maintenance fees until your timeshare is sold.

Sell Your Membership To Your Developer

Some of the biggest timeshare brands like Westgate, Holiday Inn, and Wyndham have in-house options for selling vacation club memberships. 

Sell Your Membership With Fidelity

If you want to sell your vacation club membership with a highly experienced licensed agent, click on the link below.

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