How to Finance a Timeshare

By Lauren McGee

Most people might not expect to easily finance a timeshare. Our friends at Vacation Club Loans offer financing with low rates, no pre-payment penalties, and an easy approval process.

Most people finance their primary homes, cars, furniture, and now even smartphones. For those who vacation regularly, timeshares are an ideal fit. It's up to you if you should finance your ownership.

Buying directly from a developer has perks, like exclusive benefits or extra flexibility. However, it can cost thousands more to buy directly from the top vacation clubs out there.

If you were thinking of buying a timeshare but thought that it would be a financial burden, then maybe financing would be the best option for you.

Fidelity's website has a loan calculator on every listing, so you can set your own terms. This makes it easier to estimate how much you will want to finance and what your payments will look like.

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