How Much Does Marriott Vacation Club Cost?

By Justin Zouhari

Marriott Vacation Club is among one of the largest vacation clubs in the world. With over 400,000 members, more than 50 resorts, and a growing number of hotels, it’s easy to see why.

What is Marriott Vacation Club?

Let's take a look at how does Marriott Vacation Club Works!

Marriott uses a points-based system that grants owners flexibility and freedom with their timeshare. Your home resort is where you will have priority reservation windows to book before other owners.

Marriott Vacation Club uses a point based system

If you want to use your Marriott points for another one of Marriott’s resorts, you can also make reservations elsewhere. Plan ahead though, because the booking windows for resorts outside of your home resort will be shorter.

Marriott Rewards

Becoming a vacation owner with Marriott means you’ll be eligible for rewards with their travel programs. Marriott Bonvoy is the membership program available to Marriott owners.

The cost of points is determined by Marriott, as well as the value of those points. According to their website, a Vacation Club Points package starts at $22,000.

Marriott Vacation Club Cost

Point Levels - If you are looking to purchase points directly from Marriott, then expect to see that the average cost starts at $22,000 for approximately 1,500 Vacation Club Points. This will grant you over 2,000 different vacation options.

Another cost that will factor into the overall price of a Marriott Vacation Club timeshare is the yearly fees that owners pay. Timeshare maintenance fees are annual and mandatory. These fees go towards the resorts’ operating costs including staffing, landscaping, and updates.

Club Fees and Dues?

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