Long Term Value of DVC Ownership

By Justin Zouhari

Disney Vacation Club isn’t cheap, especially seeing the rise of the average DVC cost per point. Between the initial cost and annual dues, DVC members easily spend thousands on their ownership.

DVC Resale Historic Price Per Point

Let's take a look at the Average Price Point

Average DVC Resale Price Point

The initial purchase price can deter buyers considering the depreciating value other vacation clubs. However, not only do DVC points generally retain their value, but some resorts have also appreciated over time on the resale market. Click below to see our DVC points chart!

Can I Sell My DVC Points For More? Disney Vacation Club members receive a substantial discount on all Disney golf courses, so make sure that you ask before booking a tee time.

Is DVC Ownership Worth It? It’s important for us to clarify a very important point. Disney Vacation Club ownership is an investment in quality family vacations, fond memories, or even mental well-being.

Is DVC An Investment?

An expectation of financial return is not a wise reason for purchasing Disney Vacation Club ownership. DVC contract end dates may extend to buoy the value of points, but there’s a great deal of uncertainty about what the future holds.

Our Licensed Real Estate agents are Disney Vacation Club experts, with over 20 years of experience in timeshare resales. Browse our available listings at each resort.

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