How Do I Become a DVC Member?

By Justin Zouhari

How Does Disney Vacation Club Work?

DVC allows owners to travel whenever, wherever & however often they choose, as long as there is availability at the DVC resort.

Your Disney Vacation Club membership begins when you buy a real estate interest in a Disney Vacation Club Resort. Then you get points to use towards stays.

What Does it Mean to be a DVC Member?

How Many DVC Points Should I Buy?

To determine how many points to buy, think about how many people you travel with, what season you travel the most, and what DVC home resort you want.

Disney vacations are even better when you stay at a deluxe resort! No matter which DVC resort you stay at you are in good hands.

Disney Vacation Club Resorts

Theme Park DVC Resorts - If you love Disney trips to the theme parks, you will want to look at resorts in Orlando or Anaheim.

Beach and Island DVC Resorts - Do you want a touch of Disney on your beach vacation? If so, you are in luck there are three DVC resorts in beach towns.

Is it Worth Becoming a DVC Member?

For people who travel to Walt Disney World properties frequently, or love all things Disney, owning Disney Vacation Club points is the perfect fit.

DVC Resale: Buy & Sell Disney Vacation Club

When you shop on the DVC resale market, you can save a substantial amount of money on your initial purchase price.

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