Hilton Timeshare Maintenance Fees: Know Before You Own

By Matti Pennington

As one of the best timeshare companies, Hilton Grand Vacations Club is super sought-after. You should carefully consider the annual fees and dues of Hilton when thinking about buying points.

Hilton maintenance fees go towards employee wages, upkeep, property taxes, utilities, and upgrading resort units and amenities. They're a crucial part of keeping the timeshares in tip-top condition.

Hilton does things a little different. Costs for Hilton timeshare maintenance fees change based on the resort, unit type, and season instead of by the HGVC ClubPoints associated with the ownership.

For example, during peak seasons, a one-Bedroom Penthouse may be worth more ClubPoints, but its maintenance fees may be lower than an off-season three-Bedroom.

It could cost thousands of dollars to initially buy points directly from Hilton. If you want to save money, buying on the resale market is a great way to get started or add to your existing ownership.

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Maintenance fees are collected annually, so ultimately buying resale starts your journey with extra money in your pocket. 

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