Hilton Timeshare Fiancing: How to Get Started

By Noah Belachew

Hilton Grand Vacations is a  timeshare company specializing in great vacations. HGVC's offerings range from tropical beach resorts to high-rise hotels in major cities.

About Hilton Grand Vacations

About HGVC (cont).

The flexibility that comes with being a Hilton owner allows you to vacation exactly how you want. Its points-based system makes it easy to choose when and where you want to travel!

Other perks that come along with being a timeshare owner with Hilton are the Hilton Honors program and access to an exchange network.

HGVC Perks

About Timeshare Financing

Like other purchases, you are able to finance a Hilton timeshare. Loans vary depending on how much money you need, your budget, and how long your repayment plan is.

If you know the timeshare you want, contact a loan servicer about your options. You could also contact a lender first before shopping for a timeshare to see what you qualify for.

HGVC Financing

HGVC Financing Calculator

Fidelity’s website has a convenient tool to calculate how much financing a Hilton timeshare can be. You can adjust the outcome by selecting your terms and down payment.

Try Out the HGVC Financing Calculator

The HGVC calculator is a great tool for planning your finances for a Hilton timeshare. Check out the link below to learn more.

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