DVC Cost Per Point and the Long-Term Value of Disney Vacation Club Ownership

By Matti Pennington

As Disney Vacation Club's Recommended Resale Broker since 2005, we are happy to say that YES–DVC points are still selling right now, and the price per point is still on the rise.

Average DVC Resale Price Per Point 2018 to 2022











Keep in mind that these figures are simply averages for price per point. You can find contracts for sale on Fidelity's marketplace that are more or less than stated in the table above.

The initial purchase price can deter buyers. It's a valid concern, especially considering the rapidly depreciating value of some of the best vacation clubs.

However, not only do DVC points generally retain their value, but some resorts have also appreciated overtime on the resale market.

Upon Old Key West's opening in 1991, Disney was selling points at about $51.00 per point. And now, in 2022, Old Key West resale prices per point averaged to $117.52. That's a 113% increase.

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