Disney Timeshares for Sale: Become an Owner or Add to Your Ownership

By Matti Pennington

With 16 magical resorts, Disney Vacation Club offers a unique opportunity to ensure vacations for years to come. Make your Disney dreams into reality when you buy from Fidelity Real Estate.

Disney Vacation Club uses a points-based system. The number of points you will receive every year will be specified in your contract when you become a Disney Vacation Club member.

In the event that you do not intend to use all of your points, you can bank them for the following. You can borrow points from the following year if you don’t have enough points for your vacation.

Picking your DVC Home Resort is one of the most significant decisions you will make. DVC contracts are attached to Home resorts, where points are deeded, and you get priority booking there.

Selecting the Use Year that matches your vacation plans ensures that you will be able to book the vacation at the time that best suits you each year.

Choose which resort you wish to be your Home resort. Then pick a year based on when you plan to vacation with your family yearly.


If you are looking for Disney timeshares for sale, you have come to the right place. We have DVC points for sale at all the resorts for lower prices.

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