Different Types of Timeshare

By Noah Belachew

Deeded Week Timeshare

With these, the owner gets a deed for their week that they own. Many companies have moved away from this model.

These don't come with a deed, but they do come with a contract stating how long the owner has the right to use the timeshare. Usually 30-99 years.

Right to Use Timeshare

Leasehold  Timeshare

Leasehold Timeshares have an expiration date, but hold the same benefits and rights as other timeshares.

Now let's take a look at different timeshare sub-types. These categories describe how you use your timeshare.

Points-Based Timeshare - Owners get points based on their home resort. Points can be used to stay at the owner's home resort or other resorts.

Biennial Timeshare - A timeshare that has usage rights every other year. Biennial timeshares are differentiated by the year they can be used: odd year and even year.

Floating Week - The owner has the ability to choose the week they stay at a resort within a specified season. (If you choose the summer, you can visit for one week at any point in that season.)

Fixed Week - Fixed week timeshares mean you have the right to visit your property during the same week each year. This is the traditional way a timeshare is used.

Fractional Ownership - Each owner purchases and has rights to a much larger portion of a resort. Instead of the unit and time being split by 52, it is divided by fourths, eights or even thirteenths.

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There are so many different types of timeshare options to meet your vacation lifestyle needs. 

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