A Guide to the Top Park City, Utah Ski Resorts

By Noah Belachew | Content Writer

Westgate Park City Resort and Spa

For ten years in a row, this resort has won Utah’s award for Best Ski Resort. The Westgate is home to a 30,000 square foot day spa.

The Westgate features one, two, and four-bedroom villas.  The one-bedroom villa can host up to four guests, the two-bedroom can host up to eight, and the four-bedroom can host up to 14.

Westgate Park City Resort Accommodations

Club Wyndham Park City

This resort features a swimming pool and hot tub to help you relax in the water. Plus, there’s a ski lift to help you get to the mountain, so you’ll be able to get rigjt into the action 

This resort boasts one, two, three, and four-bedroom suites to accommodate its guests. The one-bed suite can host four guests, the two-bed hosts eight, the three-bed hosts ten and the four-bed hosts 12.

Club Wyndham Accommodations

Hilton Sunrise Lodge Park City

this resort offers a free shuttle to Park City's historic district, so you’ll have easy access to some of the best that the city has to offer. 

You can relax in either a one, two, or three-bedroom suite.  The one-bed hosts up to four guests, the two-bed hosts up to six, and the three-bed can accommodate eight.

Hilton Sunrise Lodge Accommodations

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