By Noah Belachew

5 Reasons to Buy DVC Points at Disney's Polynesian Resort

There's a lot to love about every DVC resort, but Disney's Polynesian Resort has a few things that make it extra special. Want to learn more? Then let's dive right in!

1. Disney's Polynesian Resort has incredible theming. How does Disney make an Orlando Resort feel like a hideaway in the pacific?


It all comes down to a commitment to the Polynesian aesthetic. Everything, from the decor around the resort to its stunning pool is designed to transport you to the South Pacific.

2. Disney's Polynesian Resort has fantastic accommodations  That stellar theming doesn't end when you reach your room. What's it like to sleep at this resort?


The studio and one-bedroom suites at Disney's Polynesian resort boast a balcony or patio and plenty of space to stretch your legs.. They're the perfect place to rest in between fun events outside.

3. Dinsey's Polynesian Resort is packed with great amenities. Speaking of fun, what can you look forward to doing at the Polynesian?


You'll be able to cool off at the lava and oasis pools, jog along a scenic trail, or go fishing in Seven Seas Lagoon. Even when you're not exploring Orlando you'll have plenty to do at this resort.

4. Disney's Polynesian Resort is packed with delicious dining. Sure, amenities and decor are important, but what about the food? Here's what the resort has to offer!


Living up to its name, the Polynesian prides itself on mouthwatering cuisine from the Pacific Islands. There's also coffee, pastries, and lots of bars to keep you from going thirsty.

5. Disney's Polynesian Resort is near the best spots in Orlando Last but not least, lets take a look at what's near Disney's Polynesian.


As a DVC resort, it should come as no surprise that you'll be near all of the Disney parks, but the Polynesian is also near other great attractions like downtown Orlando, Universal Studios, and more!

Disney's Polynesian Resort has stellar amenities, delicious food, and decor so stylish you'll swear you'd traveled to the Pacific. What's not to love? Your dream resort is just a couple swipes away!

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