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Fixed Week Timeshares

What Are Fixed Week Timeshares?

Although a majority of the vacation world operates by points, there is still value in having a fixed week timeshare. If you are someone who likes to have your travel plans on a set schedule for the same time every year, fixed week timeshares are the way to go. Fixed week timeshares are a type of vacation ownership where a person owns a specific week or weeks at a timeshare resort. If you want to know...

DVC Announces Switch to II

DVC Announces Switch from RCI to Interval International

One of the perks of being a Disney Vacation Club member is access to a vast vacation exchange network. For the last 11 years, DVC has been an affiliate of RCI. However, Disney recently announced that they are changing networks. DVC announced that they are switching to Interval International (II) and with that switch comes a few things members need to know about....

vacation exchange

What is Vacation Exchange?

Ready to travel the world with vacation exchange? Savvy timeshare owners know how to make the most of trading their points and weeks through II and RCI.

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